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    Hello, I'm Vijo Valsan a Multimedia Pro. I'm passionate about the things that interest me; my family and about my profession(s).

  • My Style: I works on 121 with the client

    from inception and works on developing it from the base level. I have developed Websites, Animations, Show Reels, Sound Mix and Print Ads for Healthcare Brands, Art Directors, DJs, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Cafes and Pubs.


I am an Internet Multimedia Pro over a decade's experience working with various domains including; web, multimedia and print industry.

Am trained and experienced to works with almost everything relating to multimedia (ie; CGI, Web, Creative Graphics, VFX Loops, Audio FX and Personnel / Business Profile Design) using most modern tools.

Furthermore; as a multimedia professional it is my inherent responsibility to lead, influence, promote original thinking and be a creative resource for a progressive organisation.

I provides consultation, design and development outsourcing services to companies and professionals across the globe to help them in their projects.

My Style

In my case, I works on a one-to-one with the client from inception. Then, works on developing it from the base level. I have designed and deployed;

In web - CMS Websites, Internet Marketing and Analysis

In media - Promo Animations, Video Editing and Voice Overs

In print - Branding, Ads and Creatives

mainly for Healthcare Brands, Art Directors, DJs, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Cafes and Pubs. 

Now have fun! looking around my visual miscellaneum and drop me an email about your project.


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As A Graduate

My Education, My Future...
Looking back at my education, I was an above average student and passionate about education. I have achieved a B.Sc. in Physics in 2002 and successfully completed a Masters program in Advertising Management in 2011.

My tool to learning was different. If someone were to put a new idea in the context of the real world or show me how it enables other things, I would get it. I need the big picture before the details make any sense.
Context + Details = Understanding.

Two things I've learned about my learning:-
1. It has to be visually and / or audibly stimulating.
2. I have to grasp the big picture before I can organise the details in my mind.
Memorisation doesn't do me any good if I don't yet understand the meaning / purpose.

As A Professional

I have earned my Masters in Advertising and have vast experience in the Media of WEB, VIDEO & PRINT. I have a passion for learn more about advance technologies involved in advertising and multimedia.

My Objective:-
Either to affiliate myself with an organisation in a challenging career, one where my talents and abilities will reward my efforts with upward mobility or I enjoy working on unique and idiosyncratic projects that associate a mix of web, multimedia and high end technology.

◊ Always keen to embrace new technologies and gain new skills.
◊ Happy to work as either an individual or as part of a team.
◊ Focused on delivering quality work.
◊ Self motivated and a key player in achieving goals.

The blue progress bars at the opposite side are just for the understanding of my skills; and are subject to be updated from time to time
Multimedia Website Design & Development
Website Analytics & Conversion Analysis
Internet Marketing & Presentation
Logo & Branding
Animation & Action Scripting
HD Video Editing & Encoding
Audio Mixing with SFX Loops
Macs & High-end Hardware Proficiency
MS Office Package

What Are They Saying About Me?

Brands & Clients I've Worked With

Identity / Branding / Promotion

Great brands don't just happen! They are built from within. I believe successful enterprises of the future will be "brand driven". This ultimately means building a strong business strategy and brand architecture. All you need to do is, to contact me with the requirements you want, it will be completed with perfection and priority.
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Web / Motion / Graphics

Yes! you have a very short time to capture a Prospect's attention! so, make a high impact impression. Come to me with a vision of what you wish to build. As a designer, programmer, researcher and raconteur, I make visible the functions through Multimedia. One thing I know for sure is that I'm looking to be your go-to resource in the digital space!
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Multimedia Training / Support

Regardless of the project size or nature, I'm passionate about what I do and how I do it. I care about my clients, listen to their needs and immerse myself in their needs in order to better present them to the world. No matter which type of training you choose, it will be beneficial / helpful to save your time, money and ever-growing expansion of knowledge.
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As An All-Rounder

The same skills that have helped me to succeed in my extra-curricular activities and my academic studies will also stand me in good stead for the world of professional work. All of the skills I have learnt through Clubs and Societies are of use to me in the role, helping me to develop my research and critical thinking skills, as well as my independence, perseverance and self-reliance. More generally, my activities have helped me to develop excellent interpersonal and communication skills and helped me in my professions.


» some of the works featured in this website are from the organisation I have worked earlier as designer / team lead / visualiser / consultant.
Declaration: “I acknowledge the proprietary rights in the Trademarks and Product / Names of other companies mentioned in this website”
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